Welcome to the Bolton Badminton League website. This season the League has 9 affiliated clubs and a total of 31 teams competing across 3 sections to not only come top of their respective sections, but to win the Jane Fletcher Memorial Cup and the Robert Cup.

The main aim of this site is to keep all affiliated clubs, teams and players up to date with the latest news and results for all sections of the League. If anyone has any suggestions of new content for the site, or feedback on current content then you can get in touch here.

Results are now updated as soon as they have been processed by the Match Secretaries.

Current home page focus:

Recent Results

Section B

Fri 07/02/20 Westhoughton D 14 4 Forrest E
Tue 04/02/20 Markland Hill D 5 13 Forrest C
Thu 30/01/20 Sharples B 5 13 Markland Hill D
Fri 31/01/20 Deane A 10 8 Westhoughton D
Wed 29/01/20 Forrest C 16 2 Markland Hill E

Section C

Thu 06/02/20 Forrest F 11 7 Westhoughton E
Mon 03/02/20 Moorside B 5 13 Sharples C
Mon 03/02/20 Metropolitan C 2 16 Moorside C
Mon 03/02/20 Metropolitan A 11 7 Roe Green
Mon 27/01/20 Moorside C 2 16 Forrest F
Mon 27/01/20 Moorside A 18 0 Metropolitan C
Mon 27/01/20 Metropolitan B 11 7 Moorside B

Upcoming Fixtures

Section A

Date Time Match Venue
Tue 03/03/20 20:00 Hawkshaw B vs. Markland Hill B Radcliffe Leisure Centre
Wed 04/03/20 19:30 Markland Hill C vs. Markland Hill A
REARRANGED: 23/10/19
Markland Hill Racquets Club
Wed 04/03/20 20:00 Forrest A vs. Westhoughton A Bolton Arena
Fri 06/03/20 19:30 Westhoughton B vs. Sharples A Lowton High School

Section B

Date Time Match Venue
Tue 03/03/20 19:30 Markland Hill D vs. Deane A Markland Hill Racquets Club
Wed 04/03/20 19:30 Markland Hill E vs. Forrest E Markland Hill Racquets Club
Fri 06/03/20 19:30 Westhoughton D vs. Forrest D Lowton High School
Fri 06/03/20 20:00 Deane B vs. Forrest B Horwich Leisure Centre

Section C

Date Time Match Venue
Mon 02/03/20 19:30 Moorside A vs. Westhoughton E Smithills Sports Centre
Mon 02/03/20 20:00 Metropolitan C vs. Roe Green Bolton Arena
Mon 02/03/20 20:00 Metropolitan A vs. Sharples C Bolton Arena
Thu 05/03/20 20:00 Forrest F vs. Metropolitan B Bolton Arena

Jane Fletcher Memorial Cup

Date Time Match Venue
Fri 28/02/20 20:00 Deane B vs. Forrest B Horwich Leisure Centre