The Bolton Badminton League was established in the 1940s and began its life as part of the Bolton Sunday School Federation with matches being played in local church halls.

The previous Chair of the Bolton Badminton League is featured along with many other Bolton Sports Heroes on the Spirit of Sport Trophy at the round-about at the entrance to the Bolton Arena in Middlebrook, Horwich.

League Entry Stats

Season Number of Sections Number of Clubs Number of Teams Number of Players

Previous League Winners

Season Section A Section B Section C Section D Section E
Winner Runner Up Winner Runner Up Winner Runner Up Winner Runner Up Winner Runner Up
2022/23 Markland Hill A Hawkshaw A Sharples A Deane A Metropolitan A Deane B        
2021/22 Hawkshaw A Markland Hill A Sharples B Deane A            
2020/21 N/A
2019/20 Markland Hill A Hawkshaw A Forrest B Forrest C Moorside A Metropolitan A        
2018/19 Markland Hill A Hawkshaw A Westhoughton C Sharples A Forrest E Markland Hill E        
2017/18 Markland Hill A Hawkshaw A Forrest B Forrest C Sharples A Sharples B Sharples C Forrest F    
2016/17 Markland Hill A Oakgate A Markland Hill C Hawkshaw C Forrest D Deane B Roe Green Westhoughton E    
2015/16 Markland Hill A Hawkshaw A Forrest B Westhoughton B Westhoughton C Sharples B Moorside B Forrest F    
2014/15 Markland Hill A Hawkshaw A Park Markland Hill C D.L. Farnworth B GMT Markland Hill E D.L. Farnworth C    
2013/14 Markland Hill A Hawkshaw A Hawkshaw C D.L. Farnworth A Lads & Girls A Forrest E Roe Green Metropolitan B    
2012/13 Markland Hill A Bury Westhoughton A Forrest C D.L. Farnworth B Westhoughton C Lads & Girls A GMT    
2011/12 Bury Markland Hill A D.L. Farnworth A Oakgate B Forrest D Metropolitan A Westhoughton C Moorside B    
2010/11 Bury Markland Hill A Markland Hill C Forrest C Oakgate B Sharples B Deane B Smithills A    
2009/10 Bury Racketeers Oakgate A Forrest B Forrest C D.L. Farnworth B Metropolitan B Sharples C Sharples D Moorside C

Previous Cup Winners

Season Jane Fletcher Memorial Cup Robert Cup
Winner Runner Up Winner Runner Up
2022/23 Forrest B Hawkshaw B Metropolitan A Sharples C
2020/21 N/A
2019/20 Forrest A Forrest B Finalists: Roe Green vs Forrest F
2018/19 Forrest B Sharples A Moorside B Markland Hill E
2017/18 Forrest A Deane B Sharples C Forrest E
2016/17 Sharples A Markland Hill B Forrest F Roe Green
2015/16 Hawkshaw A GMT Forrest F Moorside B
2014/15 Lads & Girls A Sharples B Lads & Girls B Smithills A
2013/14 D.L. Farnworth B Forrest D Markland Hill D Sharples C
2012/13 Metropolitan A Westhoughton B Metropolitan B Forrest F
2011/12 Park Forrest B Metropolitan B Lads & Girls A
2010/11 Forrest C Forrest A Forrest G Deane B
2009/10 Deane A Forrest B Moorside D Forrest C