Week 3 News

Week 3 News

Mon 03 Oct 2011 23:24 David Saunders

Former Bolton Badminton League champions Markalnd Hill A have made a determined start to regain the A Section crown.

After beating Hawkshaw A 13-5, they took on Forrest B away – and suffered an immediate hiccup when Forrest’s C Wood and P Taylor took the opening game to 19. This was, though, Forrest’s only success and the visitors’17-1 win provided useful points.

Markland Hill B faced a tougher challenge against Oakgate A away in A Section when the home side had the best of the mixed doubles 6-4. The next three ladies’ and men’s sets were shared but when mother and daughter partnership Becky and Ann Hurst took both second ladies’ games, Markland Hill’s hopes were boosted. The final men’s encounter gave one game a piece, resulting in a draw from a competitive night.

The Heaton club’s C team were not quite so lucky in their nail-biting top division home clash with Hawkshaw B. They trailed 4-6 after the mixed and Hawkshaw’s C Nelson and S Dawid-Puluch took both top ladies. When the visitors won the first of the second ladies’ set, both points were theirs for a 10-8 victory.

Markland Hill D in B Section fared better away to DL Farnworth B. They were 7-3 up going into the men’s and ladies’ games, but immediately lost top ladies’ to Linda Marney and Laura Bradley.

After top men’s were split, it was up to the visitors’ Pam Yates and Sylvia Gill to ensure both points with their second ladies’ win. The final men’s set was shared to give an 11-7 scoreline  to Markland Hill.

Deane B’s C Section home match with Smithills A was a taut affair. with Deane edging into a  6-4 lead. They then took both top ladies’, but Smithills’ wins in top men’s and second ladies let them reach nine games with a win in sight.

Nilesh Bhudia and Pravin Pindolia for Deane, however, dug in to take the final two games of the night and forced a draw.

The match between D Section sides Smithills B and Lads & Girls Club B was also hotly contested. After Smithills’ first couple Diane Hunt and Ken Blood took both opening games, Hazel Johnson and Lee Bailey came back for Lads Club with their mixed set.

Several close games later, the score was 6-4 for Smithills, but top ladies’ was immediately shared. Ken Blood and Tony Sames clinched at least one point for Smithills with their top men’s games, but Kirsty Patterson and Sam Sewart for Lads Club won both second ladies’.

Now Lads Club needed both final men’s games for a draw, and Smithills both to win. Kenneth Lee and Tony Sames, however, won both to 19 in a tough set to give Smithills 11-7 victory.

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