Week 21 News

Week 21 News

Tue 20 Mar 2012 23:31 David Saunders

Forrest D have become C Section champions after a season in which they dropped only three points and led throughout.

Even if nearest challengers Metro A win both their remaining matches they can’t now catch Forrest on points. And they still need to contend with third-placed Deane B who are also pushing for promotion and who took the major scalp of Forrest D 10-8 in their latest clash.

Bury have clinched their championship title for another year – in spite of losing their unbeaten reputation this season in a 8-10 defeat to Oakgate A who are four places away from them. This once more shows the strength of the Oakgate club which has not only provided the occasional shock in A Section but which has its B team sitting comfortably in the promotion zone in B Section.

After DL Farnworth A took an early lead in the second division with Deane A snapping at their heels, Oakgate B quietly continued the business of winning matches to be a single point away from the lead and looking a certainty for A Section badminton next season.

After a stunning first half of the season, Westhoughton C loosened their hold on D section to drop into second place, latterly missing the strength and experience of former A Section player Alison Muddiman. Meanwhile, Moorside B have anchored their position at the top of the section and can look forward to C Section play next season.

Moorside’s latest victims were Lads & Girls Club B who put up a brave fight against the stronger side, but couldn’t prevent Moorside top couple Amanda Bracegirdle and Geoff Everitt taking the opening games to 17 and their second set to 14 and 7. Their team then had a clean sweep in the mixed doubles to take the points before the men’s and ladies’ games had even begun. Moorside continued in the same fashion in these sets, dropping only one – in the final men’s doubles’ set and thanks to determined play from Suneet Patel and Lee Bailey – but couldn’t prevent a 17-1 whitewash.

Westhoughton C, with two matches in hand, could still draw level with Moorside to take the trophy, but must first overcome third-placed Lads & Girls Club A next week. The Spa Road club’s top team has been enjoying its best-ever season but cannot catch the top two teams now. However, they could still find themselves in C Section if, as has happened in the past, division numbers or re-organisation cull more than two teams from the bottom division.

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