Week 3 News

Week 3 News

Fri 28 Sep 2012 17:10 Ann Schofield


Forrest B team of Lisa Harrison, Anne Egerton, Jenny Ball, Will Wiseman, Chris Saunders and Mahendra Patel, played host to a very strong and determined Oakgate A who took the match 17-1. Oakgate’s team of Laura Woodburn, Anna Wiza, Catriona McKinlay, Simon Froude, Martin Sykes-Jones and Nyan Min gave no quarter against a shell shocked Forrest B and allowed only one game to slip through their fingers when Mahendra Patel and Will Wiseman, against third man, Nyan Min with Simon Froude took the second of their men’s game to 21-14 thereby preventing Oakgate achieving a clean sweep.

In D Section Metropolitan B had a 13-5 victory over Moorside D. Visitors, Metropolitan commenced the match by taking all four of the first mixed games. Moorside’s third couple, Jane Whelan and Jamie Belton fought back and took the next two mixed quite comfortably with wins of 21-15 and 21-7. Second man Graham Keeler with Kelly Hodgkinson took the first of their mixed games 21-12. In two very close scoring games Metropolitan third lady, Sue Jameson partnering Chris Everett, against Moorside’s Whelan with Hodgkinson, managed to stay ahead by taking both their games to 21-19, giving Metropolitan at least one point. Moorside’s third man, Belton, playing with Steve Barton took a men’s game from Metropolitan's third man, Paul Topping and Peter Rushton 21-15. There were some exciting games in the latter half of the match but it was not to be Moorside’s night.

Elsewhere in the League - in B Section, Sharples A beat Forrest D 13-5, Forrest C beat Park 15-3, continuing their winning streak, Sharples B beat Deane A 10-8. In C Section, Deane B lost to Sharples C. In D Section, GMT beat DL Farnworth D 14-4, Forrest F beat Smithills B 13-5.

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