Week 6 News

Week 6 News

Sun 21 Oct 2012 22:55 Ann Schofield


Bury B.C. continue to creep up the A Section following an 11-7 victory over leaders Oakgate A at their mutual home of Bury Drill Hall. Oakgate’s first couple, Anna Wiza and Martin Sykes-Jones, took the first two mixed games from Nicola Duerden and Clint Gibbs, 21-17 and 21-10. But the game swung Bury’s way and they led 6-4 after the mixed games. Wiza with third lady Laura Woodburn then took their games against Bury’s Liz Holt and third lady Susanna Penney to 21-14 and 21-15 to keep Oakgate in the game.

Their hopes faded and died when Bury took the next five games with first man Gordon Mitchell and third man Oliver Gregory comfortably taking two games from Sykes-Jones and third man Simon Froude 21-11. Bury’s Penney and Duerden took both their ladies’ games 21-19 and 21-8 from Woodburn and second lady Mona Babuta. By the final men’s games Bury had already won the match when Gibbs and Gregory took the first of games to a nail-biting 24-22 victory and Oakgate repled by taking the final game 21-15.

Forrest F made quick work of beating Moorside D in a one-sided D Section encounter. Forrest secured victory after the mixed and went on to win 16-2. In the first pair of ladies’ games Forrest’s Ann Schofield and Lyndsey Tait won the first to 21-8 but Moorside’s first and third ladies Jean Gooddy and Jane Whelan, dug in to take the second to 21-14. Whelan and second lady Helen Williamson lost their first game 21-9 to Forrest’s Tait and Brenda Shott before Moorside turned the tables and took the second 21-18. Forrest’s men of Paul Davison, teenager Ben Roberts and third man Steve Tran took all the men’s games against Moorside’s Graham Keeler, Steve Condliffe and Steve Barton to round off Forrest’s dominant victory.

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