Week 7 News

Week 7 News

Sun 28 Oct 2012 18:43 Ann Schofield


Moorside teams had mixed fortunes in the first round of the Bolton League’s Handicapped Cup. The Smithills Sports Centre based B team lost at home to D.L. Farnworth but the handicap system worked in favour of their D team who had a narrow victory at GMT.

D.L. Farnworth got off to a flying start at Smithills taking the first nine games. But Moorside players scored steadily especially when their first and third ladies Amanda Bracegirdle and Lynn Barnard beat D.L.’s Julie Horsfall and Harriet Bradley and won 21-17 and 21-9. However, D.L. Farnworth’s first and third men, Jason Horsfall and Joboy Joseph took both their games 21-11 and 21-10 against Moorside’s first and third men Steven Barton and Jamie Belton. Moorside’s Barnard with Lillian Croston turned the tables again, taking both their games 22-20 and 21-5 against Bradley and Irene Crompton. Joseph and Ajith Buta then completed the Farnworth score with wins of 21-15 and 21-5 against Belton and Stuart Hall which, when the handicap envelope revealed +25 in Moorside’s favour gave the visitors a 341-313 win.

It was a different story for Moorside’s D at GMT’s Eccles venue. Although GMT took the first eleven games Moorside racked up valuable points. Moorside’s Jane Gooddy and third lady Jane Whelan hung on to take the second of their games to 21-19 against Catherine Knichal and third lady Anne Roberts. Moorside’s Graham Keller and third man Jamie Belton then took the first of their men’s games 22-20 and GMT’s Geoff Bygrave and third man Dave Fallows took the second 21-14. The second set of ladies’ games went to GMT’s Roberts and Karen Hodgin 21-14 against Whelan and Helen Williamson. The final games were split between GMT’s Fallows and Paul Barnes and Moorsides Belton and Steve Barton. When the envelope revealed +150 to Moorside it gave them a 378 - 371 victory.

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