Week 10 News

Week 10 News

Sun 18 Nov 2012 15:18 Ann Schofield


Oakgate A who currently lie second in Bolton Badminton League's Section A were comfortable 16-2 winners at DL Farnworth. Oakgate’s second couple pairing of Mona Bhahbuta and Iqbal Khan took the first game 21-16 against Laura Bradley and Adam Rowan who replied with a 21-16 victory. Oakgate then strolled to victory in the next seven games until Georgina Ryding and Andrew Clarke were made to fight for their 22-20 success in the second of their mixed games. Farnworth’s third lady Lynda Marney partnering Bradley reached double figures but couldn’t match Oakgate's Anna Wiza and Laura Woodburn who won both their ladies’ games 21-10, 21-10. The domination continued for Oakgate as their third men, Simon Froude and Nyan Min, recorded 21-12, 21-9 wins against Farnworth’s third men, Jamie Allen and Rowan. The victory was complete with Oakgate winning the last four matches to maintain their hopes of winning the section.

Fifth placed Westhoughton B edged to a 10-8 victory over Hawkshaw C, who are seventh in the table. Hawkshaw’s first lady Carole Lanham partnering Jason Lee won the first game of mixed 21-15, quickly followed by Westhoughton’s second couple Angela Monaghan and John Cole taking the second to 21-18. Westhoughton’s third couple, Viv Coleman and Anthony Hughes took the first of their games 21-19 but in a close fought second game Hawkshaw’s Kath Spillane and Julian Broughton, hung on to take the game 24-22. Although Hawkshaw dominated in the level doubles, the first games of ladies went the way of Westhoughton’s Coleman and Lesley Bates 21-18, before Lanham and Spillane of 21-19. Hawkshaw’s Broughton and Lee took their first men’s game 21-19, before Westhoughton’s Hughes and Mike Nicholson then took the second game 21-17. Hawkshaw’s Chris Salmon and Spillane took both their ladies’ games 21-17, 21-11 against Monaghan and Coleman. In the final men’s set Hawkshaw were hoping for a draw when Broughton and Steve Ramsbottom took the first game 21-19 but Westhoughton’s Cole and Hughes had other ideas and clinched the win for Westhoughton with a score of 21-14.

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