Week 11 News

Week 11 News

Mon 26 Nov 2012 22:24 Ann Schofield


Markland Hill C who are currently eighth in Section B of the Bolton Badminton League, drew level on points with seventh placed Hawkshaw C following a comfortable 12-6 win at home. Markland Hill’s first pair of Angela Brown and Darren Valentine took the first two mixed games 21-10, 21-14 from Hawkshaw’s Kath Spillane and Tony Hollis. Markland Hill’s second couple, Sylvia Gill and Geoff Williams shared their two games against Hawkshaw’s Judith Stenson and Jason Lee, winning the first 21-9 before losing 21-17 in the second. The third game of mixed also seesawed with Markland Hill’s Cecilia Rodger and Alan Powell taking the first of the games 21-15 and Ann Connors and John Whitesmith then winning the second 21-18. Rodger and Brown won both their ladies’ games comfortably - 21-15 and 21-11 - against Connors and Stenson. Whitesmith and Lee turned the tables for Hawkshaw by winning both their men’s games - 21-17 and 21-15 - against Valentine and Powell, but Markland Hill won the four remaining games to confirm their win.

Bolton Lads and Girls Badminton Club are riding high at the top of D Section after continuing their unbeaten record with a 12-6 victory over the section’s second placed side Forrest F. Forrest first couple - Ann Schofield and Paul Davison - won the two opening games for the home side with 21-12 and 21-17 against Abi Sewart and Pranay Lad. But the next ten games went the way of the Lads and Girls although some of them were tight and could have gone either way. The Lads and Girls strong first couple Shenzad Khan and Megumi Algama won all their mixed games, with the youngsters keeping their heads at the crucial points in the match! The first of the men’s games were again very close with the Lads and Girls third man Suren Lad with Khan winning their first 23-21 and Forrest’s Ben Roberts and Davison taking the second 21-19. Forrest’s Lindsey Tait and Brenda Shott won two thrilling games 22-20 and 21-18 against Puimi Algama and Sewart. The final men’s games were split, with the Lads and Girls third man Suren Lad and Pranay Lad taking the first 21-19 and Forrest’s Roberts and Steve Tran winning the last game of the night 22-20.

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