Week 14 News

Week 14 News

Sat 15 Dec 2012 21:40 Ann Schofield


Leaders Westhoughton A enjoyed a comprehensive 15-3 victory over fourth placed Park in Bolton Badminton League’s B Section. The team’s first couple Ruth Atherton and Dave Urmston took the first of the mixed games 21-8 against Park’s second partnership of Barbara Nowell and Stuart Lovell, but lost their second game 21-16. Westhoughton then took the following eight games in a run that maintained their unbeaten record. Alison Muddiman and Atherton took the first set of ladies’ games to 21-19 and 21-18 against Sara Shingler and Barbara Gillett. Park’s Shingler with Nowell then turned the tables in their ladies’ games, beating Muddiman and Maria Oliver 21-18 and 21-17. Westhoughton’s third man, Craig Harvey and Urmston took their first men’s games quite comprehensively - 21-10 and 21-8 - against Park’s youngster Matthew Boyes and Phil Pilling. The final two games went to Westhoughton’s Harvey and Mike Nicholson 21-7, 21-12 against Boyes and Lovell.

In D section 10th placed Smithills B beat Bolton Lads and Girls Club 11-7 at Horwich Leisure Centre. Smithills’ first couple - Glenys Pilkington and Ken Blood - won their first game 21-14 against Sam Sewart and Lee Bailey but their opponents replied with a 21-19 win for the Lads and Girls. The games see-sawed until Smithills’ Vicky Stores and Tony Sames took both their games 21-18 and 21-16 against Sam Sewart and Bailey. The first set of ladies’ games were split between Lads and Girls’ third lady Abi Sewart and Kirsty Patterson, who beat Aileen O’Brien and Pilkington 21-17 in the first before the Smithills pair claimed the second 21-14. Ken Lee with Ken Blood took the first two men’s games for Smithills - 21-18 and 21-14 against Zaryab Khan and Inayate Ali, but the Lads and Girls, partnership of sisters Abi and Sam Sewart won both their games 21-11 against Stores and O’Brien. The Lads and Girls men’s partnership of Ali and Khan needed to win the last two games to draw, but Smithills claimed them both 21-17 - the experience of Sames and Lee proving vital.

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