Week 15 News

Week 15 News

Mon 24 Dec 2012 13:37 Ann Schofield


Markland Hill A continued their domination of Section A in the Bolton Badminton League with a 12-6 victory over third placed Oakgate A. The first four games went the way of the league leaders, with first couple Ruth Flatman and Paul Hope taking their mixed 21-8 and 21-19 against Mona Babuta and Nyan Min, before second couple, Tracy Walker and Albert Mahoney repeated the trick, winning 21-19 and 21-17 against Anna Wiza and Martin Sykes-Jones. Oakgate finally got a score on the board when their third couple, Simon Froude and Laura Woodburn, split their mixed games – both 21-16 – with Saeed Masaid and Kathy Wain Mahoney. At the start of the level doubles games Markland Hill were 8-2 up but Oakgate’s Woodburn and Wiza, kept their team’s hopes alive by winning 21-14 and 21-19 against Flatman and Wain Mahoney. But Masaid and Hope then won both their men’s games against Froude and Sykes Jones – 21-15 and 21-12 – to give Markland Hill the win before the final four games were split.

In C Section 4th placed Sharples C enjoyed a comprehensive 15-3 victory over Moorside B, who ended the day in 10th. Sharples took the first five games quite comfortably before Moorside’s Jamie Belton and Rhian Vickers fought back to take their second mixed game 21-17 against Kath Heywood and Dave Fairclough. Sharples’ first couple, Eileen Beeney and Nick Hitchen won both their games against Moorside’s first couple of Lillian Croston and Geoff Everitt 21-12 and 21-7. In the final two ladies’ games Moorside’s Amanda Bracegirdle and Vickers took the first game 21-16 but narrowly lost the second 21-19 against Heywood and Lisa Cartwright. The final two men’s games of the match were also split with Sharples’ John Pimblett and Fairclough taking the first 22-20 and Moorside’s Belton and Alan Parkinson taking the second 21-15.

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