Week 19 News

Week 19 News

Sun 10 Feb 2013 13:16 Ann Schofield


Forrest E went second in C Section of the Bolton League when they clinched a 10-8 victory over Moorside A. Forrest did not drop a game until the third couples met. Forrest’s Lindsey Tait and Paul Skivington won their first game 21-18 but, fifth placed Moorside’s, Joanne Egan and Steve Gittins took the second 21-16. The next four games were shared between two teams who are only two points apart in a closely-contested pack behind leaders DL Farnworth B. Forrest’s David Travis and Louise Quayle won the opening game of the first couples 21-16, but Judith Standish and Matt Barton took the second 21-15. Honours were even in the second couples’ match with Forrest’s Brenda Shott and Mark Allen, and Moorside’s Sue Beamer and Andy Taylor each winning 21-11. Moorside finished strongly with victory in the last five games, but left their effort too late as Forrest hung on to claim both points.

In D Section, seventh-placed Forrest G got the better of sixth-placed Moorside C 10-8. Forrest’s first couple, Marion Ross and Ronan Considine, won the first game 21-15 before Moorside second couple, Rhian Vickers and Brian Bainbridge, took the second 21-19. Moorside’s firsts, Judith Parker and Simon Ball, edged both games against Lauren Gittins and Andy Worthington 21-17, 21-18. Forrest’s third couple, Rachel Sojka and Chris Latham, then had 21-11, 21-18 victories over Jane Whelan and Jamie Belton. The first games of the ladies’ doubles were both won 21-19, by Moorside’s Parker and Whelan against Ross and Sojka. Forrest dominated the latter stages, allowing Moorside just one victory in the last six games, Vickers and Whelan shared their games 21-14 with Forrest’s Gittins and Sojka in a ladies contest. The final two deciding games of the match went Forrest’s way with Worthington and Latham beating Bainbridge and Belton 21-15 and 21-11.

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