Week 24 News

Week 24 News

Wed 03 Apr 2013 17:18 Ann Schofield


Fourth-placed Oakgate A played ninth-placed D.L. Farnworth A in the Bolton Badminton League A Section and although there were a number of close games, Oakgate ran out 15-3 winners. Alison Constantine and Danny Lockey playing first for Oakgate, won both their games 21-12, 21-13 against Farnworth’s number two pair, Georgina Riding and Andrew Clarke. Oakgate’s second couple, Mandy Scott and Iqbal Khan , followed suit beating Linda Marney and Howard Riding 21-18, 21-19 and their third pairing of Joanne Schofield and Nayn Min beat Janette Owen and Jamie Allen 21-17, 23-21. When the top couples met, the games were shared, Marney and Riding putting Farnworth on the scoreboard with a 21-19 win against Constantine and Lockey who took the second 21-19. The games were also shared when the number two couples met with Scott and Khan winning the first for Oakgate 21-12 and Riding and Clarke taking the second 21-11. Of the final eight games, Oakgate allowed Farnworth only one other game when Allen and Clarke took the first of the final men’s games 21-17 and Khan and Min the final game of the night 21-13.

Westhoughton A, who have been dominant at the top of B Section, beat Markland Hill C 17-1. Playing second couple for Westhoughton, Ruth Atherton and Mike Nicholson, won the opening games 21-10, 21-13 against Sylvia Gill and Geoff Williams. Helen Smith and Dave Urmston, Westhoughton’s number one couple won their games 21-19, 21-11 against Markland Hill’s Sue Webber and Darren Valentine. Westhoughton were eight games ahead when the number two couples shared their games with Webber and Valentine winning their team’s first game of the match 21-16 before Atherton and Nicholson took the second 21-10. Alison Muddiman and Smith advanced their team’s score further when they won both of the first two ladies games 21-9, 21-8. Westhoughton kept up the pressure right up until the final men’s game when Craig Harvey and Nicholson beat Alan Powell and Valentine 21-19.

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