2019/20 Jane Fletcher Memorial Cup Final

Sat 28 May 2022 15:41 Alan Parkinson

Forrest A vs. Forrest B
18th May 2022, Arena Sports Centre

The teams were:
Forrest A: Christine Seddon, Nicola Hill, Carolyn Wood, Chris Mealor, Chris Latham, and Matt Latham.
Forrest B: Laura Bradley, Jenny Ball, Amy Larcombe, Colin Warburton, Sanjay Patel, and John Mealor.

It had been a long time in waiting due to the covid pandemic to finally play this match, but it was worth waiting for as both teams played in a good sporting manner and were entertaining to watch, displaying their competency of badminton, competing hard to win the match and the cup.

Both Forrest teams knew that the handicap would be steep based upon previous encounters. Each game was played with enthusiasm to not make mistakes and to gain points. Forrest B, 1st pairing, Laura Bradley and Colin Warburton pushed their opponents in their games, just missing out on both against Forrest A, 2nd pairing, Nicola Hill and Chris Latham to 21-16 and 27-25. The 1st and 3rd ladies games were also of note, with Christine Seddon and Carolyn Wood splitting the games against Laura Bradley and Amy Larcombe 21-15 and 18-21.

At the end of the match when the handicap and points were added up, Forrest A had won the Jane Fletcher Memorial Cup, a very close and riveting match.

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